Tuesday, October 30, 2012

It's all in the details

"Your wedding is the best day of your life" was a line I heard a lot in the months and days leading up to my wedding. That, along with, "The day will FLY BY! Take it all in!" Both of these pieces of wedding knowledge ended up being true, so my first blog post is about the small details of the best day of my life :).

First, our photographers did a great job capturing my something new (wedding shoes signed by my bridesmaids), something old (pearl earrings made from my grandmother's pearl necklace), something borrowed (my grandfather's Navy handkerchief that my mom carried in her wedding), and something blue (West Virginia University garter-Go Mountaineers!).

The church pews were adorned with lovely pomanders, aka poms/pomadors (my mom, sis, and I never knew the real pronunciation). These things were made of coffee filters and watercolor paint. They were very intricate and time consuming, but one of those mindless stress relievers which also made the walk down the aisle so pretty.

I absolutely love this photo because it captures SO many details: our rings (most importantly), our gifts to each other - my pearl bracelet and my hubby's new watch, my GORGEOUS bouquet of different shades of pink roses and white hydrangeas, as well as the lace and sparkle of my dress.


The welcome table had photos taken from my engagement photo session (thanks to my sister)  in a "window pane" type picture frame. I also created a photo guest book using our engagement pictures. The guests signed their names and well-wishes with a silver Sharpie.

The wedding party was transported in style in a lovely trolley which was so fun..... even though the air conditioning leaked from the roof every time we made a big turn ;).

The cake topper represented our engagement which happened on a biking trip. Biking is also a hobby we love to do together. I thought it was unique and so cute! We got it at the Weddingstar shop.

Next we have the Love Is Sweet sign I made for the cookie table which is a staple for all weddings in Wheeling, WV. Many thanks to all the ladies who helped make these delicious treats.

We had  lanterns that I found at IKEA for the centerpieces on many tables. The flowers were from the dollar store and my mom and I attached them the week of the wedding- fun stuff! Also, the table numbers had a something meaningful about the bride and groom related to the number. ( i.e. 26-day in January the groom was born).

Another sign I made was the "All Because Two People Fell in Love" sign for the table of our parents' and grandparents' wedding pictures.

The view from the head table was spectacular, even better than I could ever imagine. It truly made me feel like a princess for a day. 

My new husband and I stepped outside during the reception for literally two minutes to get a twilight photo. I think the picture turned out lovely.

The details were special to me because though they were simple, I remember all the fun that went into creating them.  And that wraps up the highlighted details of the best day of my life :)


  1. Your wedding pictures are beautiful! I love the trolley idea! A good friend of mine rented a trolley at her wedding and it was beautiful as well. Congratulations on your beautiful wedding. I'm visiting from the blog hop. :)

    1. Thank you so much for your comment! It's nice to hear that others think the wedding was as wonderful as I do :). I'm glad you stopped by!! Please feel free to come back any time :)

  2. Beautiful!!! We did the same thing at our wedding, with the family wedding photos! I think its a great idea to pay tribute to those relationships!!!


  3. Beautiful wedding photos! I loved all your little details and personal touches!

  4. Beautiful pictures! Simple, fun weddings are always best. Some try way too hard to make every little thing fancy and extravagant. The wedding should be about the love first. :)

  5. And your from WV? ok newest follower lol.

  6. I just found you from the blog hop! Your wedding was absolutely GORGEOUS! We also did a table with family wedding pictures, and that was one of my favorite parts! :)