Sunday, February 3, 2013

Mix and Match Jewelry-Making

I'm back at it! Jewelry-making that is. I spotted some really beautiful light greyish-blue beads at Michaels and was inspired to make more earrings (and use up some of the materials  from my last earrings project). I also bought a 6 pack of gold toggle clasps (not realizing toggles are INTENDED for bracelets/necklaces until I got home and saw the bars in the pack too, hehe). Anyway, the toggle clasps worked out very nicely as the base for my new earrings, and this little misunderstanding made me realized how important it is to think outside the box when creating new pieces. I also found that I could mix and match gold ovals (toggles), circles, beads, and pearls to create subtly different style earrings. Now, I can't decide which one I like best. Which is your favorite?

Actually, I like the one in the last photo best. Who am I kidding?

Feel free to let me know your thoughts and/or any new ideas!!


  1. these looks great! Is the bead in the first picture a pale blue? I can't quite tell from the pic. Either way it looks great :)

  2. awesome wedding jewellery. i would like to buy it nd put pic in my Wedding Personal Websites

  3. Hi! I found you through the blog hop and am loving your blog! I have also started making jewelry and I love it. I'm a new follower following from


  4. Nice post. The above earrings is classy and attractive and will surely give a great look.