Sunday, December 16, 2012

Jewelry Making 101 *Pearl Drop Earrings*

Have you ever seen a pair of earrings and thought to yourself: I could make those? I imagine this happens all the time to the jewelry-making folk in the blog and Etsy world.  Before this weekend, I had never tackled jewelry making and figured Christmastime was the best time to start. A nice woman working at A. C. Moore craft store helped me find what I needed for a pair of earrings I had in mind. She led me in the right direction, too, because they turned out exactly as I had envisioned!

Would you like to create these simple and fun earrings?! Well here's what you'll need:

1 in gold plated fish hook earwire
pearl 6mm cream beads
1 in head pins
gold plated round solid rings
chain nose pliers

Step 1: Using the pliers, slightly open the small ring on the fish hook earwire. Attach one of the gold plated round solid rings to the earwire and close with pliers. It will look like this:

Step 2: Place a headpin through a pearl bead and cut it with the pliers so that it still sticks out about 3/4 in.

*Note: I learned that you can cut the wire with pliers by moving it back and forth until the wire breaks.

Step 3: Make a small hook with the end of the wire using the pliers.

Step 4: Close the small hook around the big gold ring so that the opening is in the back of the earring and it is secured. You also want to make sure it can still move around the big ring. This will help the pearl hang nicely.

There you have it! A pair of simple, elegant, and versatile earrings that will impress your friends and family! They will also make great gifts! I've made four pairs so far and they keep getting easier and easier to make. 

Warning: You will most likely want a pair for yourself; please take that into consideration when buying supplies ;).

I've decided this is only the beginning of my jewelry making career, so stay tuned for more projects!


  1. Awesome idea! I have always wondered how people do it and I loved your step-by step guide!

  2. I love this! What a fun tutorial and pretty earrings :) Just found your blog and so glad I did - now following you via GFC, excited to read more :)


  3. These are adorable! I've been teaching myself how to make jewelry too, and I'm opening my own little shop very soon!! :)

  4. Super cute! Love the look! I need to make some earrings like these :)

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