Monday, November 12, 2012

Holiday "Printables" - chalkboard-style

 So, I've decided that Monday will be the day of the week devoted to sharing an art project/craft/creative idea and today's is my new entryway "printable". If you're on Pinterest (and who isn't??!), you've probably seen the cute holiday cute are they??

I HAD to have something like a printable in my life, so here's what I did. A few weeks ago, I bought an adorable chalkboard (World Market) and key hook (Etsy) for my entryway and have been creative with the colors, words, and picture on the chalkboard to match the season. I had "Happy Fall" up for a really long time as you can see below.

Key/purse/scarf/whateveritfits hook!!!

Today, I erased Happy Fall (kinda sad actually) and replaced it with a Thanksgiving theme.

I feel like this addition to the entryway has made all the difference. I can't wait to think of one for Christmas :). If you have a chalkboard display, do you have any other simple and fun ideas?? I'd love to hear! 


  1. This is chalkboard idea is super smart. You can customize anything by the season (or the mood, if you really want to), so you're always festive. Totally having a "why didn't I think of that" moment.

    Looks lovely :)

  2. Love the chalkboard art! Thanks for sharing.

  3. That's adorable! I love how you decorated it for Thanksgiving! :)